Upload Files

NOTE: Upon first login to TrueShare you will be prompted to install an ActiveX component called XUpload from Persits Software. Please accept this component or TrueShare will fail to function without it.

Step 1:

First select the folder you want to upload files into, if you have not created a folder please follow these easy steps. After selecting a folder you will be taken to a screen displaying the contents of that folder along with our file transfer control. Click the "Select Files" button to the right of the control; you may look at the following picture as a guide.

Upload Files: Step 1

Step 2:

Next, you will be presented with a file selection dialog, with this you can browse to the files you want to upload just like you were opening a document with your word processor.

Upload Files: Step 2

Step 3:

After selecting your files you may click the "Upload" button to initiate the transfer.

Upload Files: Step 3
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